Are old relationship patterns keeping you stuck?

If you’re struggling to communicate or in constant conflict, your relationships need some help.

Whether it’s a friend, partner, family member or colleague

When there are problems in your relationships with the people you care about (or really need to get on with) it can have a big impact on day-to-day life. Leaving you feeling frustrated, hurt, angry or disappointed.

And if the situation doesn’t improve (despite your best efforts) the feelings can get worse, draining your energy and affecting other parts of your life. This is due to the way we’re ‘wired’ for social contact. We don’t live in isolation and despite other achievements or success, our day-to-day happiness often comes down to who we have in our life and how we get on with them.

We learn our relationship patterns early and we’re not always taught what we need to know. Like how to resolve conflict or express ourselves confidently and clearly. If you’re experiencing a relationship problem (or you’ve had a series of relationship difficulties) it’s important to know new patterns can be learnt and problems resolved.

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“Counselling helped me recognise my own role in relationships (and their dynamics) and it’s helped me improve these for the better. Thanks Kirsty!”

Female client, South Wales


How can individual counselling help with relationship problems?

All of our relationships start with us.

That doesn’t mean the other person has no responsibility but it does mean we have choices in how we act and the situation’s we find ourselves in. If you’re ready to take a new approach (which can improve all your relationships) counselling could be right for you.

We have choices in all situations.

But it can be difficult to see that when we’re experiencing strong negative thoughts and emotions. Counselling can be an empowering process that gives you clarity, puts you back in control and helps you enjoy your relationships again.

Counselling gives you space to ‘let off steam’ around difficult emotions.

And look at what’s going on for you. I can help you get clear on your relationship patterns and where they might be coming from. As well as checking to see if they’re linked with other concerns such as anxiety, low mood or self-confidence. Together we’ll look at new strategies and changes you’d like to make.

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How We’ll Work

1) Expressing.
We’ll talk through what you’re experiencing – giving lots of space to all those thoughts and feelings it may be difficult to express elsewhere.

2) Exploring.
We’ll look at your relationships past and present to find patterns and links. This can be powerful as we often don’t see how seemingly unrelated things are actually connected.

3) New Ways Forward.
Using the knowledge you’ve gained we’ll look at new approaches, building skills and strengths in line with how you’d like your relationships to look, and what feels right for you.

4) Action and Support.
Trying out new approaches can be daunting but we’ll build on everything you’ve learnt through our sessions and you can count on my support to review the outcomes and (hopefully!) celebrate your successes.


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