Need the confidence, knowledge and skills to succeed?

From the stuckness of going it alone to the exhilaration of achieving your dreams

When did you last feel excited to wake up in the morning?

Perhaps you’re worried you’re missing out by being too comfortable or playing it too safe?

Or maybe a big life-change has happened but you’re not sure how to make the most of it?

“Kirsty was open with me about her own experiences and this really helped me connect with her. Her honesty made me feel confident in her…”

Female client, Cardiff

It can be hard stepping into something new…

Or out of something tough. How do you prioritise? Get clear on the best way forward? Stay motivated and deal with the fears that most of us have? Success (and life) can be hard sometimes but there are things that make it easier and getting the right support is key.

And if you’re wondering…

Feeling unsatisfied doesn’t make you a bad person. It shows you’re very much alive and want to grow and progress. We often fear failure but there’s a cost to staying stuck too – stagnating, feeling left behind, or any of those bad habits that it’s easy to fall into, like procrastinating, putting yourself down or feeling jealous of others.

What’s your cost of not changing and are you willing to pay it?


How would it feel to achieve your dreams?

Group of people outside

Coaching Can Give You:-

  • Some much needed motivation – to achieve things you may not have thought possible.
  • Support to take the steps you’re afraid of taking.
  • A way to move out of stuckness and ‘settling for less’.
  • New perspectives, opportunities and possibilities.
  • Improved skills and performance, so you feel more effective.
  • A challenge to the limiting beliefs holding you back (some you may not have realised).
  • An increase in confidence, self esteem and self awareness.
  • The satisfaction and fulfilment of achieving your goals.

Coaching can help you with:-


Build satisfying new ones (or make changes to existing ones).


Climb the ladder, land your first job, set up a new business or balance work success with a happy (and healthy) home life.


Get into great shape, improve your fitness, regain health after an illness or quit a bad habit (and maintain it this time).


Bring any (or all) of these important areas back into balance.


Manage anxiety, stress and your emotional response, moving out of the limitations of overwhelm.


Getting through tough situations or big life changes. Achieving goals or dream you’re excited about. Reviewing your priories and getting back on track after feeling lost.


  • A structured process that helps you work out what you want and the best way to achieve it.
  • Future and goal-focused.
  • A working relationship of two-equals.
  • Focused on results – supporting you to stay on track as you work towards your goals.
  • A place to celebrate your achievements


  • Pro-active – working alongside you so you get the right balance of support and challenge.
  • Non-directive – I’ll help you make the decisions that are best for you.
  • Clear and direct in my communication and our work together.
  • Warm, understanding and non-judgemental (whatever happens!).


  • You have a dream, goal or something that could do improving.
  • You’re ready to take action (even if you need a little help with motivation?).
  • You’re willing to invest in yourself.
  • You’re not prepared to let your opportunities (or life) pass you by, whatever’s happened in the past.


  • You’re currently feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, depression or some other condition. If so, counselling could be a better fit right now.
  • You need specific guidance with something i.e in a certain career sector. If so, finding a mentor in your field could work better.
  • You don’t have time or space in life to put plans into action right now. You can always return for coaching in the future.


See below for details on your free pre-coaching session and how we can work together.

Step 1

  • Contact me to arrange a free pre-coaching session to discuss what you want to work on and how coaching can help.
  • If we ‘click’ – great! We’ll go on to book our first assessment session. If not, there’s no obligation to book a session. So there’s nothing to lose.
  • In fact, some client’s report gaining clarity, understanding and motivation in this free call alone.

Location & Session Fee

  • We can work online or face to face in North Cardiff.
  • Session Fee is £95 per 90 minute session.


Not sure about something? Check out these commonly asked questions.

I don’t know you – what if we don’t get on?

That’s what the free pre-coaching call’s for. It’s sometimes called a ‘chemistry’ call to see if we click. if we do -great! If not, there’s no obligation to book a session. During our work together they’ll be plenty of opportunity to review how it’s going.

I don’t know if I’m up to it – what if it’s too challenging for me?

It’s normal to feel a little nervous and notice negative thoughts – maybe this is something we could work on. As for the challenge, I always work ‘alongside’ my clients so I’ll be checking in with to see how the pace feels so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Shouldn’t I be doing this myself – isn’t getting a coach ‘cheating’?

Coaching is more well known than it used to be but it’s still quite new. I don’t think there’s any right and wrong here, I’d just ask you how much you want to achieve your goals? And if do you want them, wouldn’t coaching make sense?

I’m still not sure how it works

That’s could be because coaching, like counselling, is an experience. It’s different to reading a book or watching a video as you get direct feedback that’s relevant to you. Therefore, it’s difficult to describe. and easier to experience.

How do I know it’ll work for me?

At this point you don’t. So if you’re not sure (but want to find out) let’s schedule a free call.

I tried something like this before and it didn’t work.

I respect that you’re considering trying again. It could be that the person you worked with wasn’t right for you or it might have been the timing. Does the timing feel right now? If so, get in touch.

I’m busy, are you flexible with appointments?

Yes I can offer evening and Saturday morning appointments as well as daytimes in the week.


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